It is generally assumed that showbiz welcomes celebrity kids with open arms and they need least efforts to survive in the industry, but, my belief is totally contrary in this case.

No doubt, they get an easy entrance through the popularity of their family members and get a good start initially, but they face more problems while making an identity of their own.

Kelly Osbourne

Besides, they have more pressure coming up to the expectations of people with their performances.

One good example we here is of Kelly Osbourne who too, was a celebrity kid of the singing icon Ozzy Osbourne and multi-talented Sharon Osbourne.

With a legendary sir name attached to her name, Kelly spread her wings to fly higher, but of course, it took her ages to create her own identity and to be known by her own name rather than a family member of Osbourne family.

The young starlet was enthusiastic and full of energy.

She tried her luck in multiple fields such as movies, modeling and radio and also participated in a reality show based on her family, which turned out to be a great success.

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Kelly’s career unfortunately, could not fly very higher for a long period of time, but she somehow managed to prove her talent and position herself in the industry.

Some years back, this crucial member of Osbourne family hit the headlines and received plenty of attention.

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However, it was not because of her any upcoming project or performance, but something related to her personal self.


Kelly stepped into the entertainment world with a voluptuous body and big frame.

Her audience never got to see her slim and smart during any phase of her career.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Saying this would not be wrong that Kelly has always displayed her talent with her fat image.

In late 2000, the telly star’s increasing weight shifted her from overweight to obese and she was asked to give herself a serious thought.

Age: 33 years.
Height: 5’2 inches.
Weight before transformation: 210lbs.
Weight loss: 70lbs.


As Kelly Osbourne weight reached 210lbs, her body hit the danger button.

She was thoroughly informed that she was then prone to face complications by the health care providers.

Thankfully, the singer-songwriter took the alarm seriously and decided to catch a healthy track.

With time and wise lifestyle choices, she stunned the world by dropping a ton of 70lbs! Phentermine37.5mg has ability to do that!

Kelly Osbourne weight loss significantly ramped up her sex appeal and she looks dead gorgeous now.

Expressing her pleasure on the support and love she received from her fans, she acknowledged her friends for being a crucial part of her success.

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Well, no matter how supportive her friends, family and fans were throughout, it’s her determination and stability that have led her to this healthy life.


 In order to get a better understanding about Kelly’s transformation, let us have a closer look to the healthy track she shifted herself to.

Kelly Osbourne diet:

She initiated her journey by deciding what to supply to her body and what not.

Acting on the healthy eating rules, the daddy’s dearest daughter excluded processed foods, fast foods and sugary foods from her diet.

Besides the removal of no-good foods, she started following portion control to ensure that her body gets what it wants in the desired limit.

As per her, her current diet is free from sodas and some of the desserts she loved to have in the past.

Interestingly, once a carefree Kelly now takes her breakfast regularly and does not forget to hydrate her body with water frequently.

Kelly Osbourne workout:

In order to free herself from the threats of complications, the singer ensured not to leave any stone unturned.

Under the assistance of a well-versed trainer, she started training in the gym.

She would do treadmill, resistance training and cardio during her workout sessions.

No doubt, her trainings were not extreme, but what yielded her the fruit was her consistency and regular nature.

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Kelly Osbourne managed to bring the change that was much needed for her fitness and health.

kelly osbourne workout

In spite of being in shape for years now, she is too adamant to adhere to her healthy habits for the rest of her life.

Her journey that started from 210 pounds finally turned out to be an inspiration for women like Kelly.

Fighting against obesity to becoming a fitness icon today, the lady has come really far.

Even though, Kelly has her set of insecurities running in her mind till date, yet, she is happy in her skin now.

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If you want to know more about her or check Kelly Osbourne before and after photos , follow her on her Twitter account and get yourself a fitness boost too!

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